Central Christian Academy provides a biblical Christ-centered curriculum along with languages, computer, art, and age-appropriate physical activities, ensuring that students in the Middle & High School are well prepared for the future.

Middle & High School Academic Program

The Middle & High School at CCA is designed for students in the 5th-12th grades. All students are challenged daily in academic studies which stress reading, writing, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as art, physical education, computer education, and enrichment activities. These are provided in the context of the Christian faith. Daily Bible classes, and weekly chapels are a regular part of the school program.

All our students in grades five through twelve use the Abeka Video program with guidance and help from our own CCA classroom facilitators.  Students can learn at a pace that allows them to fully demonstrate comprehension of the material. The Middle & High School class is typically limited to a total of 15 students in grades 7-12, but may also include grades 5 & 6 depending on individual class sizes.

Fifth & Sixth Grade Class

The fifth and sixth grades are transition years as our students learn together to utilize the Abeka video curriculum. This class has its own CCA facilitator in the room to help the students learn and grow at their own pace. The students watch videos together as a class and learn to use the on-line study program at the appropriate grade level.

Seventh through Twelfth Grade Class

In grades seven to twelve, students work more independently and have additional choices for course electives like languages or higher level classes. CCA juniors and seniors also have the opportunity to take dual credit classes through Liberty University. (see below)


At Central Christian Academy, our Middle & High School students, under the direction of Christian teachers, are encouraged to grow spiritually, academically, socially, and physically. Our spiritual goal is to nurture the relationship students have with Christ. Our academic goal is to prepare students intellectually for higher education. Our social goal is to offer students biblical guidelines and instructions for healthy personal social relationships. Our physical goal is to offer students biblical guidelines and instructions for a healthy lifestyle.

Faculty and Staff

The strength of Central Christian Academy rests in the quality faculty and staff working with children. Consequently, faculty and staff must meet stringent guidelines, designed to assess spiritual maturity and commitment, academic qualifications and experience, and an obvious concern for the development and discipleship of students. Regular classroom teachers hold a minimum of a B.A. degree. Specialty teachers instruct in additional areas such as Bible application, physical education, computers, art, and languages when available.

Juniors & Seniors can get a head start on college!

CCA is now an affiliate with Liberty University On-line Academy. LUOA’s Dual Enrollment courses are offered in partnership with Liberty University Online – giving 11th- and 12th-graders the opportunity to earn college credit while simultaneously fulfilling their high school diploma requirements.

Each Dual Enrollment course fulfills a high school requirement and earns 1-4 credits toward a college degree. LUOA offers several different Dual Enrollment tracks, so our students can pick the one that best suits their goals. Whether they want to earn a full associate degree or just take a few courses, there is a path for them.

Speak with your classroom teacher or our CCA principal for more information.

Student Supply List

Click on the link below for the list of classroom items each student should have at school.

CCA Fifth/Sixth Grade SUPPLY LIST