Did you know you can help a friend and help yourself at the same time?

Introduce a friend to Central Christian Academy and save on next year’s tuition.

The disciple Andrew, was known for bringing people to meet Jesus. He brought his brother Peter; he brought the boy with the fish and loaves; he and Philip brought Greeks and Jews to meet Jesus. Have you considered sharing the benefits of Christian education your family has discovered at Central Christian Academy?

The Andrew Voucher Program at CCA

Current CCA families are eligible for a 10% tuition reduction for every new family they recruit that is ultimately enrolled at CCA. The criteria for this incentive are:

  1. The new family recruited must meet CCA admission policies and have at least one new student enrolled at CCA.
  2. The new family must specify who recruited them.
  3. The recruiting incentive can be earned by any family, even if receiving other tuition reductions and financial aid. Incentives are given as tuition reductions beginning when the new family recruited is enrolled.
  4. The offering of this incentive and limits on the amount of incentives awarded are subject to the annual approval of the School Committee.
  5. All disputes will be handled by the School Committee.

Contact our treasurer at CCA for more information or contact the school office for brochures and information to share.