May 1, 2024

Springing Ahead with CCA!

There are SO MANY great things to do this month as we get closer to our June 14 finish line for the school year.

We appreciate ALL that our CCA Parent Group has done through the school year to appreciate and love our teachers and staff. May 6-10 is the National Teacher Appreciation week. You may want to give a gift to your teachers or choose an item from their classroom wish lists. MORE INFO

 “At the time of sacrifice, the prophet Elijah stepped forward and prayed: “LORD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel, let it be known today that you are God in Israel and that I am your servant and have done all these things at your command.”   
1 Kings 18:36  (NIV)
In our chapel Bible memory verse for the month of May, the prophet Elijah declares that God is the God of Israel and he (Elijah) is his faithful, obedient servant.  Explain, discuss and practice this verse at home with your kids.